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Desperately looking for plumber work experience (aldershot area)

I am looking for plumbing work experience, I have recently left the army and done a plumbing course. I have a 6128 city and guilds. I really need to finish off my nvq level to to get me started. I am 25 years old and available any time. Please help.

- Robert

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Hi Robert,
Unfortunately I am not from the aldershot area, but have you not tried the big companies ie British Gas, heat team, transco, boiler companies or go around the sites and ask who the plumbing/heating contractors are, don't know what it's like where you are but there is quite a bit of site work going on at the minute. I was more or less in the same boat, I found one man band outfits are quite reluctant to take anyone on, I think they see it as competition! I ended up moving away to finish my apprentiship, which I didn't want to do, but glad I did. If you haven't got any ties and you have explored every avenue then I would be looking at moving to where there is more work.
All the best for the future.


Answered 29th May 2015

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