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Megaflow system - position, size consideration & other considerations?

I'm after some advice on selecting a new system and deciding where to position in the house -

its a 5 bedroom 4 bedroom house (2 floors are basements) and going through a complete redesign and refurb. Looking to put in a megaflow system and wondered what would be good products on the market to buy for a house of this size.

Also I'm not sure how big a space / cupboard i should leave for a system like that?

In term of position, I'm thinking of putting it at the top floor of the property and vent directly out to the roof. Alternatively in the basement with a vent straight out to the front of the house. which would be better?

Are there any other considerations that I should take into account now?

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pressurized cylinder doesn't need a vent , you may be thinking of the discharge pipe from the prv and the blow off from the side of the cylinder these need to go to drainage if there is no drainage in the cellar i would advise putting it upstairs, most cellars have got a gully so shouldn't be a problem,

also look into having secondary return as this will give you instant hot water at the taps without running a load of water of first, obviously if the cylinder is some distance away from the furthest hot water outlet , if its close then just a normal hot feed will be fine ,


Answered 13th May 2013

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