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Peeling paint

We had our sons room replastered about nine years ago and we have just decided to decorate but we were filling a few holes in and sanding them smooth to start redecorating then all the paint has started to peel off the wall, it is just peeling off, it is like the paint has not stuck to the wall. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how we can correct this problem and stop it happening when we redecorate again.

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Sounds like the plaster wasn't miss-coated first. You will have to scrap off all the loose paint before you decorate. All the bare plaster must have a miss-coat with a matt emulsion before you paint again.This should rectify the problem.


Answered 30th Oct 2012

It could be a number of reasons, 1. new palster never got primed first before painting. 2. It could be paint reaction to the new wall. 3. Dump patch, quiet common. 4. I could go on.
Solution, sand down affected area and filled in using easy fill or troupe filler. Rub down to smooth finish then apply primer before painting.


Answered 11th Sep 2018

Sounds like the wrong paint was applied to the plaster, should have had a obliterating paint on first, to seal the plaster, you will have to scrap as much of the flaking paint of until its sound, fill out the edges, the sand and seal, then it should be OK to redecorate,


Answered 11th Sep 2018

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