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Central Heating

2.3 bar - GCH turned on, Is this higher than it should be

Anonymous user 16 May 2023 - 11.14 AM

Hello, Due to previous constantly high bar pressure >2.5, even when the boiler was turned off, I have just had my gas boiler repaired, new expansion vessel and filling loop fitted. The pressure was set at 1.5 bar, 3 days later, I turned on the central heating for 25 minutes and found that the pressure was now 2.3 bar. After turning off the central heating & checking 10 minutes later, the pressure was now 1.9 bar. Are these pressure readings ok and within the acceptable range. I have a Vaillant 825 ecotec plus which has a digital pressure gauge. Thanks for your advice on this matter.

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RJL plumbing and heating
Rating: 5 out of 5553 reviews

Hi 2.3 is a little high, however the pressure will naturally go up and down depending on whether your heating is on or off. If your heating is on it will expand and raise the gauge, when it's cooled down it will drop back to 1.5. It could do with some pressure being released to drop the pressure down


16 May 2023


George Whittle
Rating: 5 out of 555194 reviews

2.3 is fine if boiler is at its full temp. as long as it drops back to same position it started at when it was cold


17 May 2023


L2Z Central Heating and Boiler Repairs Ltd

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The answer is ok but I would have changed the PRV the same time as the expansion vessel. 2.3 bar is ok, nothing to worry about as long as the pressure gauge stays below 3 bar.


29 May 2023


JB Plumbing
Rating: 5 out of 55529 reviews

Slightly high although pressure will rise till boiler hits desired temperature. Should maybe release a little pressure and keep an eye on it


31 May 2023