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Sash window problems

We are in a process of buying a flat. Here is the link:

Originally we were really excited at the prospect of renovating it (there are tenants in it at the moment) and I could see the flat was not very well kept...but it has period doors and handles and old parket floor under ugly laminate (hopefully) as there is some in the hallway and small bedroom under the carpet.
Anyhow, we went back today to measure up for curtains and noticed windows were in a bad way. Some open with a lot of force only and especially one in the bathroom and living room is in a bad state, one panel is rotting and has been with fixed with silicone, which I know is not meant to be done. I know little about these windows but have noticed paint peeling, wood exposed in several places, some rotting bits which will need to be replaced and also that they seem to have been painted up to the bit that hits the frame, so when you open them, there is an inch which locks into the window that they never painted. I am now in two mind to either ask the seller to fix them before we exchange or to knock some money off as it looks like a huge project and costly too. The price we paid for a flat was basically his asking price and I agreed it thinking windows just needed washing. The worst bits were hidden behind the curtains which I only saw today.

I am worried doing this in winter will be a nightmare but place felt a bit draughty. Any advice would be great.
Thanks in advance

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to repair, draught proof, re sash ,re-paint allow £300.00 - £500.00 per window
if the windows need replaced .sash and case are £1000.00 + per unit depending on the size.

good luck alex


Answered 29th Oct 2012

it all depends on what is needed, you may look at the windows and think they are in a bad way, but an expert might say different,get a free survey and estimate to find out, not all companys charge £1000 + per window (regardless of size)


Answered 31st Oct 2012

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