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i have just bought a victorian terrace ground floor flat that has rising damp issues. It seems as though the airbricks in both the front and rear of the original house are positioned above floor level which doesnt seem to make much sense. How easy is it to lower the airbricks (i would have to lower the exterior levels to do this aswell) or could i fit an airbrick that is somehow chanelled under the floor?

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your ground level outside should always be at least 150mm below DPC level so you could look at that. Your air bricks will need looking at if they dont vent under the floor but if they are new they may have been replaced with telescopic air bricks which are basically a s shape and allow the air brick to be higher if ground water is a problem. My best advice is to try to find an honest builder who will look at it. If there is rising damp and you are getting a contractor in they shoul automatically look at the air bricks too.
I hope this helps.
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Answered 28th Oct 2012

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