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Why do my light bulbs keep blowing?

The light bulb in my front room and bathroom keeps blowing and all the others keep flickering or dimming from time to time I've changed them around 4 time this month already. Also the front room light used to be a dimmer but its stopped working

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There are several reasons that bulbs fail prematurely but its most likely one or a combination of the following;

Chances are they are cheap chinese light bulbs. Try decent quality lamps such as osram, sylvania etc and see if that makes any difference.

Also a lot of light fittings are quite poorly designed and if there is poor airflow around the light fitting itself the bulbs can overheat and fail very quickly.

For the faulty dimmer it could be just old age or that a bulb has blown and the fault current has damaged the internal electronics insiude the dimmer. Most dimmer switches are made in china these days and are very seldon fused, so there is always a risk when a light bulb blows that it will damage the dimmer.

Older UK made dimmer switches used to have a small fuse inside them, have a look at your switch and if there is a small section that looks removable it may well contain a fuse thats blown.

See link below for exmaple of a fused dimmer switch with small pull out fuse draw at bottom of switch;

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Answered 28th Oct 2012

you need to call an electrician to find and rectify your fault.


Answered 27th Oct 2012

The dimmer switch would most likely have blown when one of the bulbs blew, if they blow badly they can take out the switch which would now just be on & off.

With regards to the lights the several different reasons why they blow quickly.
1. They may be shop own brand cheap bulbs.
2. The fittings themselves do not allow airflow around them & overheat the bulbs.
3. The connection between the terminals of the light fitting and the terminals of the light bulb itself are not tight enough & the electricity jumps between the connections causing arking overheating and eventually failure.

Most the time the screw in bulbs (ES or SES) are the culprits because people are afraid of breaking the bulbs so they never screw them in tight enough but sometimes is the MR 16s which are down light bulbs which get very hot, these work off of transformers and transformers can begin to fail which is the flickering and turning off by themselves.


Answered 13th Mar 2018

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