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Which adhesive for slate tiles will cement work??

I am getting my kitchen floor tiled at the moment the tiler has used cement on my concrete floor - about 6 tiles are not stuck they just lift up! and one has broken when walking on it! bit worried that this needs sorting properly before he comes back to grout any sugestions?
Tiles are also very uneven - I have another slate floor so I know they are uneven but these look like I'm going to trip over them ?!

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cement mortar os o/k but it sounds like the mix was too dry or the floor too dry which has absorbed the water too quick.I would have used a good floor tile adhesive,regards Terry.


Answered 28th Apr 2011


It sounds like your builder has used a dry mix of sand/cement and not given them a solid bed, this would explain the lifting and broken tiles.
Normally I would use a thick bed tile adhesive such as bal pourable thickbed but it depends on how uneven the tiles are as you may end up needing quite a few bags to get the right level, which would be expensive. If costs isnt an issue I would use a thick bed tile adhesive every time.
You can use sand/cement mix on natural stone but it needs to be a full wet mix, just as would be used when flagging with natural stone outside. This laid thick enough should iron out any variations in the tiles thickness to give a level enough floor surface. Also I would give the floor a coat of watered down pva just to give the concrete a bit of a seal as it porous and may suck the moisture out of the sand/cemnt to quickly. Again depending on how uneven the tiles are this would be a cheaper solution as sand and cement doesnt cost much.
Also your tiles should be sealed prior to grouting.

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Answered 28th Apr 2011

I would use Biscem/Bostick Stone flex. If ones broken now and 6 are coming up I would start again.
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Answered 28th Apr 2011

I would use tile adhesive. For concrete floor is does not have to be flexible, so it will not come expensive (price will go little bit up if you go for fast set though). Don't think it's good idea to use cement.



Answered 30th Apr 2011

Hi , it sounds like you need to get another tiler in , Bal rapid fix or profix rapidset will work for slate and a bit of time and patience from a good tiler . The slate needs sealing before grouting and again after grouting for best results cheers steve


Answered 30th Apr 2011

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