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Any honest opinions regarding solid oak wooden floor with "click system"

Got 50 sq meter of carpeted floor(downstairs,concrete subfloor,level,4 rooms all empty and rectangular).Would like Solid Oak Wood Floor.The fitting prices are as costly as material.There are few companies selling Click System Solid Oak Floors.They make it sound a very easy and fast flooring option.
Any honest opinions on these?
How stable are they?
Do they end up spongy or squeaky later?
Many Thanks

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I've fitted a few and the results are ok as long as leave the correct expansion and cutting out the door frames but yes a good DIY er shouldn't have much of a problem. The only downside with that stuff is it tends to scratch quite badly if you have children or pets I wouldn't bother because they can look terrible in weeks if so probably better to go for an Amtico or karndean wood effect flooring. Good luck lee g


Answered 28th Oct 2012

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