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How do you remove black grout that has been on slate tiles for about 8 weeks. i tried to use grout remover from toppstiles, but this does not seem to work.

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Hi. Slate tiles should be sealed before grouting & then again after. Depending on the amount of grout i would use grout remover combined with degrouting pads that topps also have. This is very hard work and time consuming but does normally work. If it does not you can try a brick acid (patio type cleaner) but i would test it on a spare tile first to see if there is discolouration.


Answered 28th Apr 2011

hi .best thing i have found is to use wet sand paper not to rough .plenty hot water to clean off .gary gb maintenance uk


Answered 28th Apr 2011

Hi have you tried a fine wet and dry paper as it will not scratch the slate too much but grout that has been on slate for this amount or time is very difficult to remove if at all , brick acid is not recommended for a natural stone tile like slate it may cause more harm than good . cheers steve


Answered 30th Apr 2011

Depends how much grout is left on the tile first off all, the tile should of been sealed first of all before you layed and grouted the tile, I have used just plan acid watching it down put it over area let it sit for a while you will see it working by the wait it reacts to the grout left over have a hard brush on hand or wet and dry sand paper and rub the area, but remember to have buckets of water to wash down to remember the acid or even a hose to move it all away, iv been doing this for over 10 yrs like this never faulted me, all the stuff you get in shops are strong enough you remove butter from toast.


Answered 29th May 2011

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