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Hi , hope someone could give a little advice..

hi , hope someone could give a little advice.. ive noticed a vertical crack in my garage wall (breeze block) running from the floor to ceiling internally,no cracks appear on the outside facing bricks. also have a hairline crack in floor tiles in the kitchen area approx 1m long. hairline cracks above internal door openings and 1 door frame seems to have moved out of line causing the door not to close.again another external hairline crack running from the corner of a first floor window to the roof showing in the render ...i know what im thinking could anyone soften the blow before i get someone out about it all. the house is 9 years old and have noticed this over the past few months.

many thanks

thanks for the info you have given, i had a guy around from the nhbc and he said it was only thermal cracking, my concern is that im in the last year of the nhbc insurance and im being fobbed off. none of my neighbours have cracking of any sort and cant help but think its more, or just the start of subsidence. what course of action would be best, inform home insurance and get them to check it out , get a builder around or patch it up and sell asap as i have the nhbc saying its thermal cracking.

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if your home is 9 years old its a bit late for settlement thats normally in the first 18 months. it sounds like a bit of thermal movement caused by top water around the footings with all the cold we had then it drys out, just keep an eye on it measure the cracks and if you notice any change measure again,if it does change get someone in to look at it.


Answered 30th Apr 2011

As you say ,its only on the inside wall, I wouldnt worry to much as it may only be settlement cracks.
Are you sure they are breeze blocks and not celcon, because celcon blocks do crack easily with the slightest movement.
When we lay any walls using celcon blocks, every 4th course we incorparate x mesh bedded in the full length, this way we havent incured any cracking on internal walls.
If you are still concerned about, get a tradesmen out from this site ( Post a Job )
It wont cost you anything, and if remedial works are required, they will give you a price.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

I have to agree with B J D his proceedures and answers are correctly formatted good luck
Regards ken


Answered 9th May 2011

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