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Yellow spots on walls

Hi hoping someone might be able to help. Discovered today that there are yellow spots pretty much all over the walls which are the external wall (north facing) in 3 rooms in our house. We live in a 1930s house so have to be careful not to put furniture too close to these walls as have had issues with black mildew in past (we assume due to condensation). These spots are all over the wall & not just where furniture is near. The walls are painted, no wall paper.

Firstly what could be causing this and do we need to get someone in to rectify/monitor the problem?

Secondly, if it's not something we need professional help with how can we remove these spots and ideally prevent them reoccuring?

Thanks for your help

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a house that age will propably be a twin brick constructing with no cavity and built lime mortar, if the pointing on the external wall has failed or been replaced with a cement based mortar this can cause problems with dampness in the internal walls.


Answered 24th Oct 2012

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