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Curved bay window insulation

Hi, we have a curved bay window with solid brick wall.
I've been looking at insulating it with 50mm curved board. Celotex don't do a curved board and you can't plaster over it.
However, Jackoboard do one, not sure of the u value compared with Celotex. Does anyone have any other ideas? I've seen oads for square windows but not curved! Thanks!

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Jackoboard 80mm u Vale is 0.035 W/mK
Celotex 50mm u valve is 0.022 W/mK


Answered 21st Mar 2023

Yes this is a valid answer and probably the ideal solution for this application.


Answered 21st Mar 2023

You could use Celotex (or other PIR insulation boards) too
Just have to cut in sections (vertical), of 25mm thickness boards, then use a second layer of the same thickness overlapping the joints.
Follow this by 9.5mm plasterboard, you may have to dampen it a bit to form the shape. (don't rush it)
Use insta-stik or mega-stik foam adhesive (PVA the wall first though, but not the boards)

Hope this helps


Answered 10th Apr 2023

Hi just go with rock wool smaller pieces leveling and and rendering over


Answered 10th Apr 2023

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