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Removing skirting board without damaging it

I have a very old house, and i am wanting to remove the Rimu skirting board without too much damage, i have done the door frames with a reciprocating saw, but theres a bit much kickback to get close enough to the skirting, i am wanting to sand back, and reuse

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I would be inclined to strip and sand back the skirting in situ. You may find taking very old skirting off will also pull off chunks of the original plaster, causing a lot more work than you will be saving. With old timber there is also the possibility of woodworm damage beneath the surface which could result in the skirting crumbling on removal. If you really need to remove it, you will need to use a pry bar tapped down behind the skirting and gently lever it away from the wall, concentrating on the fixing points. You can use a piece of scrap wood between the bar and wall to minimize damage to the plaster.


Answered 23rd Oct 2012

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