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What qualifications should i check with an electrician?

I am looking to get my house rewired in Edinburgh and was unsure what qualifications an electrician in Scotland should have and who they should be registered with.

Must they be registered with a governing body or is this optional?


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Speaking for English bodies etc (which I don't think are too different if at all)

Electrical installation is split in to two areas.

1. Qualifications. As a base level check that the electrician is qualified to 17th City and Guild 2381. For your rewire you are really looking for the next stage 2391 which means they know their stuff about testing the work they have carried out. 2391 is normally held by someone in most reputable firms.

2. Registration. Make sure the electrician is registered with a body like the NICEIC or Elecsa so we can self certify their work to building control (part P) and provide all of the correct certificates to you.

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Answered 23rd Oct 2012

Hi We are a Select registered firm in Scotland with all current certification to 17th edition regs. You can get your house rewired by"a guy in the pub" but there will be no way to verify his capabilities. If you were to enlist the services of a Select electrician for instance, you can find them on the Select register as ALL electricians on the register have been vetted and approved by Select. Plus should anything go wrong,i.e the job does not get completed or suchlike, you have a point of contact with Select to resolve matters.Hope this helps!


Answered 23rd Oct 2012

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