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Supporting a granite top onto base

What is the best way of supporting a heavy granite block on a base for the purpose of creating a garden table? Thanks

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My suggestion is to have a concrete slab (size of the granite block or slightly smaller) with 5 small cement pillars fixed in the slab from the begining and then simply put the granite block on top (1 in the middle, for your peace of mind, 4 on the corners). Chances that the block will be unstable are small if the block is really heavy. You can always choose to fix the block with an adhesive or to put holes through. You can also use a short but fat (as in larger diameter) pillar for the same purpose.

There are many types of pillars nowadays, have a look for something with similar color, model or material as your block; I think you can order one custom-made.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

As you only intend to use it as an outside table, there are loads of different options.
If its going to remain in the same place, you can build some pillars out of brick/ stone, to match your house, build them to desired height and bed on the top, may be a good idea to drill out for some stainless steel dowels on top of piers.
If its going to be portable, then you should find a blacksmith or some one who does good welding / ironwork, they can make up a good frame to your design.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

without knowing the type of base your using or intending to use its hard to give an acurate method of fixing,although the above advise is general and useful


Answered 23rd Jul 2011

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