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Expansion joint in existing brick wall

My mother has bought a house which is still under the NHBC 10 year policy which they have told her the below problem is covered and will be retified, however the way in which they intend to solve the problem causes me concern. Although I run my own Property Maintenance buisiness I do not delve into the realms of building houses and do not profess to knowing the answer to the below question.

The house is No 2 in a row of 4, built 6.5 yrs ago. A very clear crack in the mortar is now running from above the lounge window to the bottom of the bedroom window, no internal cracking has yet developed, NO expansion joint was built into either the front or the rear of the row of houses. There is a downpipe to the front of my mums house which is on her side of the party wall divide by about 300mm. The NHBC intend on installing an expansion joint BEHIND the downpipe.

My question is this,, am I correct in thinking that a NEW expansion joint cut into an original building should be installed EXACTLY on the party wall divide so that the new wall ties fitted go inbetween the party wall cavity? Any help with this matter would be great as I have requested the NHBC delay any work untill my mind is set straight on the correct way this should be done. The only answer I get from the NHBC is that the joint wont be seen as it will be behind the downpipe, my return to them was that if the new joint SHOULD be on the divide then they should move the downpipe to hide the joint.

Thank You in advance.


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Hi the movement joint doesn't have to be exactly in the middle of the party wall Sometimes if the houses are stepped we put the movement joint on the inside party wall of the lower house so when the party wall goes in to the outside wall the movement joint is gone.Instead of having a stupid little piece.As long as they put extra ties in every 225mm each side of the movement joint its all good.
hope this helps


Answered 23rd Oct 2012

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