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Garage roof leaking.

Hi, My garage roof has started to leak, can you suggest the correct materials to use to stop this, also, is it best to stick this down or nail it? As it is a timber roof.

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you dont say what type of material is on your garage or the age of the roof,maybe its just come to the end of its life in which case you can put what ever you like on it, felt,epdm,fibre glass. or any good builders merchants will have a range of differant roof repair kits


Answered 22nd Oct 2012

If it is a diy repair job and you know where the leak is ? a good everbuild black jack bitumen or everbuild evercryl is a excellent repair product.
If you want the complete roof doing and want to do it your self then it all depends on what you feel confident using.
Personally I would say epdm is about the best on the market and for a number of reasons

cheers john


Answered 23rd Oct 2012

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