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the pointing on my house is looking tired and a window has been bricked up and looks quite poor I am wondering if rendering the whole house be the better option over re-pointing but I wouldnt want my house to look out of place

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This is a generic answer since a builder must see the actual house to give you the best solution for your problem: although there's nothing wrong with a house looking different than the other houses around it, rendering a whole house can be an expensive solution (please have in mind the size of your house) comparing to a few fixes that could be done in your case.

"Today however, there are numerous additives available that ensure render dries quickly, applies quicker and is waterproof. Rendering also protects the brickwork from rain and other degradation."

My suggestion is to have a creative builder repair the pointing and to come with a decorating/painting/design solution just for the bricked up window space or for the whole wall. That, of course, if you can't/dont want to put a window there again.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

Its hard to give you the best advice with out actually seeing the job. Try and get a couple of builders to have a look see if they come up with the same souloution, just be carefull not to let anyone talk you in to having the more expensive option done just because it suits them..


Answered 27th Apr 2011

If you have good sound brickwork, I would be inclined to keep it and not to cover with render, although there are some good coloured wall coatings.
Myself I would rake out all the joints, clean the bricks and repoint.
If you have old brickwork, laid in lime mortar, I would repoint in lime putty.
If this is done properly it will last for years.
At the end of the day, its your choice.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

Depending on the state of the brickwork I would be more incline to re-point. Prehaps adding a colouring to the mix to make the lines look better may help.
Each option will be costly and I would make the choice based on the lower maintance in time. The re-pointing opinion can be better.




Answered 2nd May 2011

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