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bought 1970's house a few years back, it's built on hill and the front is sloped. when i noticed a problem with the original maple strip flooring I had a handy man in to lift floor. We found the following
1) maple flooring fitted straight to joists and incredibly drafty!
2)the void under the lounge is probably about 5 feet deep and has standing water in it! (this was July too)
3) he added 3 new air bricks to wall to increase ventilation and replaced/reinforced some joists which had rotted where they fitted in to external wall and a removed some of the recently done cavity wall insulation where it obstructed ventilation.
However 16 months on i have mould growing on the external wall next to skirting
. What are the options for a long term fix? Plus the room is freezing!
thanks for any help

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Did the joiner not insulate unde the flooring between the joists? Present thickness is 100mm kingspan or equivalent.
What is the outside floor level? Is it above internal floor level?
If it is, this could be causing penetrating damp. Which would explain the rotten floor joists as they should have been positioned on top of a DPC when built. Is the water still their under the floors? If so you should try to get rid of it whether it be by tanking the floor and walls or connecting a drain to the lowest point.
The damp at skirting level could be caused by the moisture evaporating from under the floors and being brought up behind ski ratings if the handy man didn't seal the edges.


Answered 24th Oct 2012

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