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Damp in bedroom has attracted mold mites

My girlfriends bedroom at her mums house has recently had a new window fitted to a great standard and it has improved the temperature in there a lot, before it was quite a cold room but otherwise fine. In preparation for the new window to be fitted we moved furniture around, on the wall across from the window she had a large 3 door wardrobe. We moved this over to the opposite wall, and found mold on the wall behind it. We treated the wall with bleach and checked the wardrobe to find no mold inside or on the back of it. We moved it across to the other wall and then the next day the new window was fitted. About a week later we noticed tiny, white mites crawling all over the surfaces of her wardrobe, shelving, drawers and dvd rack. They were inside of the dvds, tv remote and all over, as if over night.

Since then after doing some research we found them to be mold mites, that are attracted to damp, humid, moldy places. So we have taken almost everything out and cleaned them, then checked everywhere we can think of for mold, or damp but cannot find anything that could be the cause. The house was built in the 1920's ish and has double glazing, central heating, cavity insulation and the walls in the bedroom are papered with a soft, almost polystyrene type paper, which does not feel damp anywhere. No other room in the house has been affected up to now.

We are at a loss and need some advice as to what could be causing damp in there?

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Hi Stevozoob,

The most common form of damp is condensation, things like the wall being colder than the air inside the room would be an obvious cause from what you are describing, as you said its always been a cold room so this would be a good indicator, and the walls behind furniture are usually most affected as there is a lack of circulation.

The new window should help, you can also try to leave the bedroom door open to improve the air circulation, and make sure that the wardrobe is slightly away from the wall, so air can move behind it and Avoid hanging wet clothes in the room especially on radiators.

If you have bleached the mould this should make it stay away, but depending on how bad the area was affected you may need to have a small amount of plastering to remove the damp area and replace with new.

Hopefully this advice will do the trick and you wont have any further issues!

Kind Regards

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Answered 20th Oct 2012

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