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What is the recommended paint to use to paint radiators (central heating). Have already tried Dulux Once especially for wood and metal but the paint was flawed (separated and like putty at the bottom of the tin despite taking to the mixing desk at B&Q). Tried another Dulux paint for wood and metal but no success - wouldn't adhere. Do I need to apply primer or undercoat first? Someone has suggested "sanding" the radiator first ?
Please advise with some tips or helpful information.

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What you need is a water based paint satin or gloss or even matt emulsion yes even matt as long as the paint you use is water based, i would give the rads 2 coats.
all these other special paints are just a con, its the oil in paints that turn the paint yellow. so dont use oil paint.


Answered 19th Oct 2012

I agree with the above but would like to add do sand it lightly so to give a good key to the new coat/s of paint lightly sand between coats too and remember to dust off any bits


Answered 17th Jul 2013

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