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How much room will be left for kitchen units if i knock out a 1.5 metre wide chimney breast?

We plan to partially remove the chimney breast in our kitchen leaving pillars either side to support the rest of the chimney and an archway above for where the ventilation tube can go.

The house is a 1920s end terrace made with Accrington ("Nori") bricks.

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If there were no pillars you would get a 1000 base unit and a 500 base unit essentially giving you a neat looking row of three 500 doors however depending on the thickness of the proposed pillars determines what space is left but a 1000 unit would certainly fit the space with fillers either side .
The three 500 door idea can still be done with the base units cut around the pillars to give the same effect ,you will just have a very shallow area behind a couple of the doors the process is called custom fitting which your installer should be used to .
Hope this is helpful ,PJ at jarvis & jarvis.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

Hi Hope this Helps
You should leave at least a 250mm pillars each side, give you a approx opening of
1 metre. But be very carefull this is a job for a qualified trademan as the chimney breast will need to be supported before the arch is built and the open is formed.
I would strongly recommend that you get quotes from qualified trademan as this is not a DIY job.
Good luck
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Answered 27th Apr 2011

I've done these before not a problem as long as its done right including the ventilation issue with the extractor. You wont be able to just vent into the flue because condensation will just build up in the flue and come back down again possibly even dripping onto your hob as the extracor fan cannot take the waste air all the way up to the roof. as previously said three 500 doors will cover this with a custom fit. Hope this is helpfull, call me for a quote if needed, Kevin.


Answered 27th Apr 2011

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