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Cracked walls

Over the period of 3 years i have noticed cracks appearing the internal walls on top of the stairs. Initially a small diagonal one above a bedroom door that over the years has widened alot (not enough to fit a pound coin in). From this summer i have noticed more and more appearing, some from the corners of the roofing down the wall, more appearing over the doors diagonally and these seem to be getting wider. One on the inside and outside of the bathroom door straight up quite wide too.

Over the past few months i noticed a line appearing under the window of an outside wall (inside) where the loft would of been, as this is now a bedroom converted. This crack along the width of the window has gradually got longer and is now moving upwards towards the window ledge and looks as if its bowing back outwards. Each day i keep looking around the house and i think i keep finding more crackings appearing and the ones already there widening, or is this just my paranoia?

Earlier this year i had what was a blocked drain that when i used the washing machine the water would drain through the concrete steps to the side of the house as a result of the drain/drain pipe being blocked. since this has been fixed, no leakage but a crack had appeared along the flat step but not got any worse.

Another thing earlier this year a new neighbour has been doing alot of renovation work, all DIY to his new home and i have noticed these cracks forming more since then, could this be related or just coincidence. At first none of these cracks that appeared were on any of the 4 outer walls, now they are, all hairline in the plaster but this week i have noticed a crack on the outside wall at the front of the house from the bedroom window downwards in the plaster work, no cracks appearing in any outer brickwork. This crack unless you look for it isn't that noticeable at the moment but concerned that it will get wider like all the internal ones. Any ideas on what the first point of call should be and how to rectify these issues. Any pointers would all be greatly recieved and my mind/paranoia eased.

The house is a 1940's semi detatched build so settlement issues is not the case here too.

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Sounds like you need to call in a structural surveyor,,something doesn't sound right.


Answered 18th Oct 2012

it may need to be underpined that means u may need footing re done pls let me no thanks


Answered 14th Jan 2013

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