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Painting with distemper - any advice?

We're about to start painting our living room, stairs and landing. We're painting over a new lime plaster skim in Little Greene's distemper and haven't used anything like this before - any tips for how to get a good finish? Or would we be better off paying a pro?

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Distemper paints should be applied by BRUSH ONLY and you should really use a distemper brush (you should be able to buy one at any good paint stockist).
First brush with vertical then finish off with horizontal strokes first coat must be completely dry before applying second coat.
I see you are painting your living/room and stairs and landing, I thought I better mention although Little Green' s distemper paint is wipeable it is not recommended for heavy Traffic ie children.
If you decide to go ahead with the work and you have not brushed walls before it may be advisable to get a good quality decorator with lots of very good references.
Hope you find this useful.


Answered 22nd Oct 2012

distemper paints can be applied with a brush or medium pile roller. special care needs to be used as these paints are not easy to apply.
hope this helps stephen.


Answered 19th Jan 2014

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