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Help! bitten off more than we can chew

We have attempted to strip down all our pine doors, floors,frames and skirting boards to what should leave bare natural wood, which we could just lightly finish off with a sealant/polish. We just cant get to the end of it. There was prob several layers of paint including lead paint (victorian house)We have used paint and varnish remover, hot blow lamp, and several types of scrapers. Now we are left with loads of deep flaky paint in alot of the grooves we cant get into so we cant complete the job. Would investing in a sander do the trick or do we just give up and paint it all again after weeks of hard work??? What would you do please?

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Yes it is worth investing in a sander as long as you unhang the doors and sand them in the garden or a very well ventilated area. Then make sure you use a good dust mask as the lead paint, as you know, is very harmful. Start with a coarse sandpaper first, maybe 40 or 60 grade, then change to a final one (120 grade) as required.

On the grooves and moulds you should use paint/varnish stripper, leave it to work as per manufacturer's instructions, then use a good scrapper to scrape it off. You may need to repeat this.

And whilst you have the new sander and your new found skills, why not have a look at those floorboards! Victorian Houses can surprise you with how beautifully made they were :)

Leave no job unfinished!


Answered 18th Oct 2012

You do not need a sander. all you need is paint stripper and wire wool and a pair of rubber gloves. Keep soaking the area you are stripping about 2yds at a time and then use the wirewool and a knife.


Answered 18th Oct 2012

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