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Odd sized doors

I'm looking for two interior doors which are different sizes: 2032 x 812, 1981 x 812. I need them to be the same design, does anyone know of any good online trades where I can get these sizes or near enough these sizes so they can be trimmed down? My mind is boggled looking at doors!

Thanks, Helen.

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Hello Helen, Magnet Joinery do a limited range of internal doors which are 2032 x 813 and some 1981 x 838 which have a 19mm lip for forming a rebate for double doors, which if the lip is on both edges could be cut down or you might be able to reduce the 2032 by taking a little off the top and the majority off the bottom, they are veneered so care would have to be taken. The other option is of course to have them made for you but this could be more expensive, but at least you would get what you wanted. Hope this helps.
Keith Miller
Triple M


Answered 22nd Nov 2012

Hi Helen, very simply the doors are both 2032 x 812 which is a standard size.
one will need to have 50mm taken off the bottom which willl hardly notice
and you can have virtually any doors you choose.
good luck.


Answered 25th Oct 2012

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