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Helifix bars how long would it take to fit them and at what cost

My elderly parents had the builders round on Monday to fit 5 helifix bars (1 x 11m, 4 x 7.6m) as they had no existing lintels. The builders had been employed to do remedial subsidence work to a crack at the corner of the house due to a collapsed soil pipe by the insurance company and agreed to do the additional work, recommending helifix rather than proper lintels, as they said this would be cheaper and quicker. The builders turned up and only spent 5 hours at the house and have billed them £2500 for the helifix works including materials. The remedial work carried out on the crack at the corner of the house has already cracked again less than 24hrs and as far as I can see I think they have only pointed the bricks where they should have fitted the helibars. They heard no drilling at all (I'm not sure if this should be the case). Can you tell me if this is a reasonable timescale to fit helibars in and if this is an acceptable form of repair compaired to proper lintels. I can't help feeling they've been ripped off - thankfully they have not yet paid the bill.

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As London lofts say helifix materials are expensive but the £500 should just about cover it,after the heli bar is installed it is pointed over so that is all you would see! 5 hours would be enough time to install this linear meterage but ,and I say this because I have been using their products for years and helifix will tell you the same,the helibond grout used to install the bars needs to cure for a day or two before pointing ! It might be worth chiseling a small amount of the new pointing out ,if they have used the proper helibond grout it will be dark grey underneath ,I only say this because I've seen people just bed the helical bar in just plain mortar which is not correct,ask the builders if they are an approved helifix installer, if they won't tell you helifix will.
Good luck


Answered 14th Nov 2012

Did they not give u a quote before they started?

Materials for it would be about £500 and are installed with a grinder. Ask for a full cost breakdown, Materials and labour, ask to see receipts for materials and if they can't justify the cost don't pay


Answered 18th Oct 2012

Hey there, I've been a bricklayer for over 25 year's and have used this product on cracked wall in order to save clients money, by avoiding expensive skilled labour taking down and rebuilding walls. The price your perents are been asked to pay is far too much for that job. That price would normally be for taking out the bricks installing concrete lentils rebuilding then repointing. I've used Helix kits since they first came on the market and have never had any problems at all, as long as I followed the instructions. If you try to cut corners you will encounter problems. Don't pay that bill.
Hope this helps.


Answered 19th Mar 2017

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