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Firm installed new electrics but have not provided us with a niceic certificate, what can we do!?!?

We employed a firm to install us new sockets and lights in our loft. They assured us they would supply us with a NICEC certificate on compeltion. The job has now been finished but 4 weeks later we are still waiting for the certificates and the firm has now stopped answering our phone calls. What can we do next!?!?

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find out if the firm is registered with Napit, NICEIC, OR ELECSA, you just need to ring these up give them the companies name and if registered with them report them, if they are not they will properly be cowboys, get a electrician in to test there work will give you a bit of peace of mind that the job is safe


Answered 16th Oct 2012

I would suggest you get a qualified electrician in to test the work they have done and pass the bill on to them.They might answers your calls then!


Answered 23rd Oct 2012

If the company is genuinely registered with the NICEIC, you should call them and make a complaint against the firm. Chances are though that they are falsely using the NICEIC logo and are unregistered. In which case you should notify trading standards and aske them to investigate as they can prosecute rogue traders who falsely claim to be NICEIC registered when they are not.

For a certificate, the only legal way is to pay your local authority to come in and test the work (normally about £300). Other than that ios employ a proper registered electrician ask for evidence first and get him to rip out the wring and replace it and then self certify the job.


Answered 24th Oct 2012

Hi, you should have been given a minor electrical installation works certificate if they extended existing circuits or an electrical installation certificate if a new circuit was installed. You could carry on chasing them up for the certificate or the other option is to get an electrician to complete an electrical installation condition report for the circuits in question. This will provide you with necessary paperwork and put your mind at rest that the work completed is not in an unsafe condition.

Hope this helps,



Answered 16th Oct 2012

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