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Rats between vavity walls

I have rats that live in my loft, they enter between cavity walls, cant see any entry holes, however I have noticed my concrete slabs at each corner of my hse has dropped about an inch? Its a semi detatched hse, how do i find out if rats are entering through my or next doors cavity ?

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Sorry about your problem.
Maybe if you remove the concrete slabs to see if there is any signs of where they could be gaining entry from. Also look for evidence of rats being in that space ie nut shells snail shells etc. if you find these things maybe time to call pest control. Hope this helps


Answered 14th Jan 2023

Hello, first you need to rent a well trained cat (Tom size). If there are no results please replace the cat and try again.


Answered 14th Jan 2023

Sorry to hear about this. I would ask your neighbours if they are getting any rat droppings in there loft at all. Most of the time they come out at night on the look out for food this is when they are going to be active.
Have a word with the local pest control see what advice they can give you.
Hope you get it all sorted


Answered 15th Jan 2023

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