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Spray vs roller painting


I have just had my whole house replastered and people have told me to use either of the above methods for decorating.

I have been advised that the spray method is much simpler for the person painting my home, but the downside is that it could peal compared to the traditional roller which will move the new plaster around and soak in the 2 or 3 coats of paint better.

Cost seems to be similar but that doesnt answer the question on which is best for me. The last thing i want is my new paint to peel off the new walls. I prefer the spray method so there is less mess.

Please help.


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Paint peeling aload of rubbish,airless spray is alot quicker ,easier and a better finish dilute first coat slightly so 5l tin of emulsion put a 1/2 a litre of water and mix thoroughly next coat use neat paint easy peasy the paint will only peel if the plaster has not dried out thoroughly


Answered 18th Oct 2012

plaster has to be 100% dry before coating, 1st coat thinned down purdie rollers are best for this job by far


Answered 4th Dec 2018

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