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Removing tiles on plasterboard

I am re-tiling my bathroom but the tiles on one wall are very well tiled and strong on the plasterboard. How can I remove them without destroying the plasterboard? My builder wants to tile over the tiles but I don't like the idea. Will it be very expensive to have a new plasterboard? Is there another better and cheaper option? Please advise. Thanks.

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Im not a fan of tiling over tile,especially on plasterboard.(there could be issues with the extra weight).If you decide to proceed with over tiling,make sure mastic is not used as an adhesive or that tiles are "dot and dabbed" as these are bodges! Plasterboard is as cheap as chips should you decide to remove them.


Answered 15th Oct 2012

Rip out the old plaster board and replace then re-tile, as has been said the weight could be an issue. Do it right first time = no problems.


Answered 18th Oct 2012

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