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Cooker extractor into chimney breast


I live in a 1930's semi detached house and would be grateful for any advice on the following:

I am considering whether it would be possible to move my existing kitchen to another room, which is currently a dining/living room.
Would I need to notify the council? Any change of use issues?

If i do move the kitchen, could i put the cooker into the chimney breast? The whole is very small at the moment, so would need opening up to accomodate this.
Would i need to notify neighbours because it's the party wall?
Or does it depend on how much of the chimney breast is removed?

Could i then fit an extractor in the chimney breast for the fumes to go up the 2 stories of chimney?
Are there regulations stating that I would have to use a liner? Rather than just using the chimney itself?
If i just used the chimney would I have to test the chimney before doing so? In case any fumes leaked into neighbouring property?

Many thanks

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Yes you can put the cooker in the chimney breast but it will require widening and it would need to be structurally supported with a RS J. Depending on weight above you may need a structural engineer to calculate size and weight bearing.
You would not need to notify the council because you are not changing the building size or shape and neither would you need to involve the neighbors as it is within your property.
The chimney would need to be lined as the opening is too wide for the fumes to just extract and you would get smells in the upstairs areas. You would need to test the chimney before putting in the liner due to it possibly being capped off on the roof.


Answered 15th Oct 2012

Sorry but have to disagree with s&s.You WOULD NEED TO INFORM BUILDING CONTROL AT YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL.When relocating a kitchen you would have certain things ie ventilation,drainage,electrical and fire safety regulations that would need to be met.Structural work would interest them also:)


Answered 15th Oct 2012

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