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Ok so our builders started the extension 15 weeks ago, we were told it would take 10. A few days were lost to bad weather say 1 week and the neighbour held up work on her side a little as she would only allow them to work when she was in.
Scope of work was single story to the rear, going out by 3 x 6 meters, with pitched roof and bifold doors. Nock through existing kitchen and dining room into new part to create large open plan kitchen. Kitchen fitting not included.
Double story extension to the side, which involved demolIshing the existing garage and utility as were single layer and poorly built, also needed to support neighbours garage as it had been cheekily pegged on the side of ours with out it's own side wall. Instal new bathroom over utility and knock through over garage, move boiler to garage and remove existing bathroom. Then move wall of existing bathroom to take the space of what would have been the boiler cupboard.

Ok so what is now left to do at the start of week 15: finish floor on kitchen, build floor in utility, all first fix, all plaster and boarding work. Move boiler, remove bathroom and move wall, install new bathroom, including underfloor heating and tiles. In addition now the bedroom above the rsj for the kitchen needs replastering as it was destroyed when the rsj was installed.

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How much longer? This can only be answered by YOUR builder.10 wks sounds a bit optimistic anyway.Sounds like it is far from straight forward.If you are happy with how they are working AND the quality of work,does the extra time really matter? Its probably hurting your builder more than you:)


Answered 15th Oct 2012

Sorry to say but it sounds like you have another 10 weeks work left.


Answered 15th Oct 2012

It's a little worrying that after 15 weeks 1st fix hasn't even been started. Is it just 2 people onsite at a time? If it is then you need to tell him to get more bodies on site and working or start looking for another building. Get him to draw you up a schedule of what exactly will be done and when and make sure he sticks to it.

Financially do you have LAD's u can enforce? Also look at the project value, how much u've paid and how much is left to be paid. Beware when build project run out of money they either get done badly with cut corners or they don't get finished at all. Sorry to be a downer but I've just finished a project that after for months steels were still going in and we were called in to finish the project. They had done 1st fix electrics but we had to take the whole lot out as electrician have there own lables and codes for cables, to figure out what was for what takes to long and if a cable is missed running a new cable with plastered walls is a knight mare

Seriously look closely to whether these guys have the money and ability to get this finished


Answered 17th Oct 2012

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