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Door won't lock

my conservatory doors has been put on the wrong way, thay open inwards, and they wont lock, the right door looks higher than the left door, i have just brought a new barrel lock and key, and it still wont lock, help...... we are going to turn the door around ourselves ( hope this is easy?) we hope this will line the doors back up? or should we just call you in and how much would i be looking at please.netty. ps my family put the conservatory up for me and they tried there best, but i need door sorting

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Sounds to me that the slave and master door are completely out of alignment, the doors need setting correctly, toe and heeling will sort this. Make sure the gap between the master door and keeps on the slave door are uniform ie 5mm gap top, middle and bottom. Usually on the centre keep of the slave door there is a line/mark, and also one on the master door strip lock, line these up with one another, once done this should now allow the door to lock correctly. Tip of the day is OIL all moving parts, regular oiling will help a great deal too.
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Answered 23rd Jan 2013

Get the company back who sold and Installed your conservatory and tell them to put it right.
Doors can be adjusted but If they have been Installed bad ,horizontally and vertically not true , you will be fighting a loosing battle.
The lock keep on the slave door false mullion is not lining up with the master door locks claws / cams. May be out of line as well.

regards John


Answered 16th Oct 2012

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