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Earth rod

shed supply via swa cable from a TNS system should ther be an earth rod at the shed aswell?

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It depends where you live in the country, as some electricity companies will allow the TNS earth to be exported to the shed, whilst others would prefer/require you to use an earth rod, with the earth separated at the shed consumer unit to create a TT supply.

Earth rods are ok, but they need regular testing to ensure that the earth path is good and that there is a low value reading. In the summer months when the soil is drier, the earth reading will increase significantly, so you may need to continually damp down the area around the earth rod to ensure that it has a low resistance path to the general mass of earth.


Answered 24th Oct 2012

it depends how far away the shed is from the houe/consumer unit


Answered 15th Oct 2012

If the shed is seperate form the house then I would install an earth rod. Earth the SWA from the house but do not connect in shed so that the shed has its own earth path


Answered 18th Oct 2012

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