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Second hand conservatory leaking but installers won't admit fault

I bought a conservatory from a friend which I thought was in good condition. However it leaks. The installers have been out twice but to see if they can fix it but it still leaks. They are now saying that they are not liable for the leak because it is a second hand conservatory and said it is a poor quality one at that. I disagree. What are my rights as I am having a building inspector out and may need to take this further?

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don't buy second hand conservatories


Answered 15th Oct 2012

Ask yourself, why was the original owner selling the conservatory ???
Fitted correctly shouldn,t have a problem so long as the second hand conservatory is still of merchantable quality ???


Answered 16th Oct 2012

If I was fitting a 2nd conservatory I to would not be liable for its condition, but I would make you aware of this before I carried out any work.


Answered 18th Oct 2012

Get hold of the person who sold you the conservatory and take him to court, he has sold you a faulty product. It is not the installer who is at fault as a rule so please do not keep expecting him to come around.
It is a case of buyer beware.


Answered 2nd Mar 2014

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