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Bricklaying & Repointing

Building a dwarf wall for a coservatory, next to a garden wall.

Anonymous user 14 October 2012 - 2.16 PM

Hi all, I am planning on building a small sun room /conservatory 2mx2m at my house. It will have a dwarf wall about 800 high to 1 side and front, the other side there is a garden wall which is the boundary wall. I want to build a wall full height on this side. My question is how much gap should I leave between the boundary wall and the wall of the new room? Also how would I stop the rain and damp getting into that gap? Sorry for the longwinded question, thanks for your time.

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Anonymous user

hi build you wall 150mm from the center of the boundary wall. this will allow for any over hang of the roof and foundation spread. regards the gap you could leave it as its wont effect the cavity wall being built, or you could simply place some wider copings on top to over hang the gap. you could also take down the section of garden wall and build your extension making the corner of the sun room meet the end of the garden wall. hope this helps jon


23 October 2012