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Creaking/bouncing,week old floor.

So pleased to have found this section of this site and hopefully you can advise me.
I have just had the whole of my downstairs flooring replaced with solid oak floorboards. I gave the work to a relative who assured me that he had experience in doing this type of work.
It was completed a week ago and although it squeaked everywhere and is very bouncy in the kitchen he assured me that it would settle after a couple of weeks. He still had a little bit of work to complete but said he would return one evening to complete that and would bring my niece to have a cup of tea whilst he completed work. This all sounded above board so I paid him in full. I paid the going rate for the job because I thought he had experience. He is not returning my calls or texts and I am very nervous that I will be left with this very unsatisfactory, expensive floor.
Hope that you can offer me some advise.
Thank you

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hi there

this sounds like he has fitted the floor far to tight to the skirts the floor needs to be loosened, the problem will not resolve itself in fact it will prob get worse

to be honest your guy is not a floor fitter all real wood floor fitters would not cut to tight

hope this helps


Answered 16th Oct 2012

This sounds as though your relative has unfortunately taken you for a ride on this one, any floor layer worth his weight will leave expansion on wood floors, from 5mm for laminates up to 15mm for solid oak floors, as being a natural product there needs to be room to move.
The solution will depend on how big the area, the awkwardness of the room, and how it's been laid, but there is always a solution to be found,

Hope this gets sorted soon,
Thanks, Ben
BSB flooring limited


Answered 20th Oct 2012

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