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Alarm systems and extreme cold weather

Anonymous user 17 December 2022 - 5.08 AM

Alarm went off at 0510. Cancelled by using pass code. Alarm was not set. Cannot now be set as there is an error showing (zone 7?) Was the coldest night of the year (ten years?) Could extreme temperature have set off alarm?

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Anonymous user

If the system wasn't set then it can only be the 24hr monitored side of the system as it came up ZONE 7 , there should have also been a tamper light lit if the panel/keypad is led display if its led crystal display it would day tamper ZONE 7, if the system is two wire with resistors fitted at the detector temp can effect them ,either way a site visit would be required to check.for corrosion etc depending on what and where it is covering ie external door(contact) garage area ( pir/DT)


17 December 2022


Somerset Fire and Security Solutions

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It is most likely that the cold weather caused a fault with either the detector on zone 7 or the cabling to that detector


21 December 2022


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The could can cause issues on intruder alarm but not directly on devices because almost devices operate on temperatures -20 to +50 degrees. In this case i will check the cable quality if we are talking about the cold temperatures.


25 December 2022


Secure Tech Systems Ltd

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It is very difficult to say either way without knowing what typ of system yu have. If you have a wired alarm system and it was not set then it is likley to be a tamper fault that has caused the issue. This could be anything from a fautly tamper switch to a damaged cable (Usually rodents in lofts!). If your system is wireless, then cold weather could have been the cause. When lithium batteries get cold they can stop producing the voltage required to keep sensors running and transmitting to the control panel. Depending on the panel type you have, this will usually bring up an audible warning and zone fault. It would be best to have a professional come and take a look and service your system to ensure it is working correctly and does not disturb you in the middle of the night again! I hope this helps :-)


11 January 2023