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Insulating between stud and brick walls

I have a small extension (on the 2nd floor of a London Victorian house), built 25 years ago, that has 3 external walls, and a flat roof. It is very cold. The walls are just a layer of bricks, some wooden batons and then stud wall. 10 years ago it was all stripped back, and some insulating panels were put in that from memory were 1-2" thick with a silver side. Nevertheless I think there is a fair amount of space between the stud wall and bricks. Is it possible to inject some insulating material like they do for cavity walls? I am redecorating shortly so this is a good time to do it!

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Foil backed insulation works by having a cavity between itself and the external wall. Filling that gap will create a bridge which will reduce the efficiency of the insulation and allow any damp to penetrate from the outside. You could try stripping it back again and putting thicker insulation in. 100mm is idea however 75mm would do, just leave a cavity or it will be less effective. Failing that a larger radiator with higher BTU count


Answered 17th Oct 2012

Hi,let your property insulate externally with 50mm or more polystyrene boards and modern silicone coloured render apply on top.Its a best property investment.


Answered 19th Dec 2012

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