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9 weeks on & still not finished a "3 - 4 week" job.....

Plumber employed to to install a new bathroom of approx 10 sq m. In May we agreed a price and start date of mid June which he pushed back to mid July then early August. Estimated duration was 3 - 4 weeks (incl decomissioning old bathroom & assoc works). Week 9 and he still hadn't finished and has now started another job and says he won’t be able to come back and finish mine until mid November! He reckons the delays are due to "all the extra work I have asked him to do". The only extra work I have asked him to do is to relocate the towel rail because once it was in situ, I decided it should be higher up the wall. His main claim is for a raised floor which was required because he had not looked at the spec of the sanitaryware I had selected when I sent it to him in MAY despite confirming that everything was ok when I asked him a couple of weeks later. However he didn't then have to box in the waste pipes or run the ‘in’ pipes under the floor. He wants £820 for this additional work. Including materials for the floor it may or may not be reasonable, but I didn’t want a raised floor and would have changed the bath if I’d known. I’ve asked for a breakdown of the additional costs incl materials and receipts.

To date I have paid 65% of the original price for the entire job but he wants more now with the balance payable when he comes back and finishes mid Nov but I would then have less than 18% of the total agreed price in hand. Work currently outstanding is connecting the sanitaryware & testin and de-commissioning the old bathroom and associated works incl removing 2 partition walls and making good (by my reckoning about 40% of the entire job!). I have therefore refused to pay any more money per the original contract until the job is completed to my satisfaction. I await his response!

Entire job should have taken 3 - 4 weeks. By the time he has finished it will be almost 4 months since he started on and at today’s date, I still don’t have a (new) functioning bathroom. Because he is so disorganised, he wasn't ready for the sanitaryware when it arrived (at his behest) so it’s been in my spare room for several weeks. The bath was in the garden for a couple of weeks until a friend offered to accommodate my sofa so that I could bring the bath into the flat! It has now been in my living room for about 4 weeks and I face another 4/5 weeks without a sofa before he comes back to finish! Personally I don't know how he can look me in the eye let alone have the brass neck to ask for more money for the "extra work" and think he should be compensating me for so much inconvenience. Am prepared to pay for relocation of towel rad and materials for raised floor but that's it. However if you haven't lost the will to live reading this then I would appreciate some comments/advice.

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hello gayle_40 ,
so sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your plumber.
my advice to you would be to lay your plumber off with no further payments and if the plumber is off of this site then of course leave him bad feedback.
i never take any monies from my customers until work is complete and the customer is happy with works done.

this guy sounds like a cowboy to me and id get rid.

hope this helps and good luck


Answered 13th Oct 2012


Member since 5 Jul 2010

3-4 weeks to do a bathroom refit?????, it wouldn't take that to do a high spec wetroom. Sounds like you've employed a proper clown. Personally i'd tell him to do one and pay for a professional to finish. And as for £820 to move a radiator holy cow, a couple of them a week, who'd need a proper job.

Hope it works out for you


Answered 13th Oct 2012

Park Plumbing & Tiling

Member since 16 Nov 2010

Shocked! It takes us approx 2 weeks to do a full overhaul that's plumbing, plastering and tiling and everything gets done to a excellent standard and we take our time, i can't think of a thing why it could possibly take so long, cut ur losses and walk away get someone in who knows what there doing, you can't just leave people without a bathroom.

Answered 18th Oct 2012

Neil McGregor Property Services

Member since 5 Jun 2011

So sorry to hear this it makes me sick. Do not pay any more. ask to see id card next time. if you have all in writing take to small claims court and send this cowboy on his way we do high end work ie new ceilings lights exstaction tiles plumbing complete est 15days your only way get the pros in sorry

Answered 23rd Oct 2012

roy morgan plumbing&heating

Member since 29 Jan 2011

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