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Water leaking in through chimney?

We had our chimney breast removed from the upstairs bedroom but now when it rains heavily the rain is dripping in onto the bedroom ceiling, we now have quite a large damp patch. I have had 2 roofers out who say the roof is fine, the chimney has been pointed and the flashings are ok, I am now at a loss as to who can repair this or what the problem could be, the workman who took the chimney breast out was a bit of a cowboy who messed quite a few things up, therefore I'm bit reluctant to get him back

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without looking at the problem it is impossible to say what the problem is,but if it comming from above it has to be either the chimney,roof,flashings,underfelt , dripping down the inside of the chimney /vent, crack in the cement, nail put into the underfelt rather than the roof beams. it would need a though investigation to discover exactly what is causing your problem if you where local to me a would be happy to look at this for you .

advise place the job in the roofing/building section of the site and get an expeienced local roofer/builder to check it out.

good luck alex


Answered 14th Oct 2012


I assume that the chimney on the roof is still there and it's only inside the property that the chimney was removed. It could be something as simple as the chimney pots don't have cowls on top so when it rains it simple goes inside the pot. It was never a problem before as u had a chimney breast there but now it's gone u have damp patch on the ceiling.


Answered 17th Oct 2012

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