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Banging noises from boiler when firing up

| have a baxi solo combination boiler,not sure how old but older than 5 years. when i turned the heating off at the thermostat the radiatiors stayed on, so turned the switch off next to boiler and they still stayed on so had to turn them all off separately by there knobs. I was told to reset it by turning boiler off as well and waiting and then turn it all back on as it might be the digital switch playing up. since i done this, im getting terrible banging noises ect from boiler when it fires up, and now, none of the radiators are working (stone cold)
I kept it on all night to see if it sorted itself out but heard it making same noises everytime it fired up trying to heat, and radiatiors never came on. Im fed up with getting people out and being told all different things, I had it flushed out and that didnt sort problem out when it played up a year ago,it just sorted itself out in the end, but now its playing up again, ive had valves fixed ect but that didnt sort it out. Can someone tell me what it is please.
I will have to get a few quotes this time as fed up with people ripping me off.

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Are you sure its a baxi solo combination boiler. I am sure that's a conventional boiler with the copper cylinder in airing cupboard and the cold water tanks in the loft, correct me if I am wrong.

If it is what I have said, you may have a problem with a motorized valve and a water shortage in the heating system or the central heating pump is dead.

All common faults.

Many Thanks.

James Eastman


Answered 1st Nov 2012

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