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I've asked two roofers to come and give me a quote to replace my guttering and downpipes on a 30 year old bungalow. One roofer has suggested that I have eaves support trays fitted as there are streaks on the fascia to suggest the felt has perished below the tile. The other roofer has said not to bother getting the eaves support trays fitted unless I noticed a problem. I'm really confused what to do. Is it important. The fascia wood looks absolutely fine. It is a low pitched roof. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

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As the felt is exposed to the elements at the eaves this is the first thing to erode this will creep up the roof causing dampness, felt support trays if fitted correctly will replace this eroded felt allowing any water getting under the tiles to safely enter the gutter and disperse preventing damage to the fascia boards & internal plaster preventing dampness..try and prevent future problems rather than wait till they happen.
My option go with the guy that's going to do the job correctly by fitting felt support trays.
Good luck Alex


Answered 10th Dec 2022

Felt support trays are best practice for stopping water damaging rafter ends and fascia boards


Answered 12th Dec 2022

Always go for eave trays. Just double protects everything. I put them in regardless of damaged felt


Answered 12th Dec 2022

You'd be better off renewing the bottom row of felt aswell as new eaves trays


Answered 9th Jan 2023

Eves al the way


Answered 14th Jan 2023

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