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I need to put in a retaining wall where my garden drops down 600mm. The wall will need to be 10.5 meters wide by 600 mm deep. There are no large trees and the ground is topsoil then clay. Just wondering how deep and thick the footing should be and whether it would need to be poured cement or if it could be an aggregate?
Thanks Emma

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No more than 300mm depth and 450mm width with a concrete footing.
I hope this helps.


Answered 2nd Dec 2022

450mm dep 450mm wide mas power foundation minimum 300mm in the clay .
I hope this can help Luan


Answered 3rd Dec 2022

the , soil normally got a big pressure force when full with water , I will recommend at least 600mm width , minimum 500 deep footing , this will help your retaining wall to hold the pressure of soil


Answered 14th Dec 2022

The footing would need to be concrete 300mm depth and 450mm wide with a granular backfill. The masonry should be 140 blocks no need to lay them on the side with drip points for any excess water that will be retained


Answered 19th Dec 2022

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