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Leaky garage roof. but it’s aspestos. do we need a whole new roof because of this?

Currently our garage is unusable because of a leaking roof and rotting doors. The roof is sadly the old asbestos kind. We can’t decide if it’s cheeper to pull the whole thing down than get it repaired with doors replaced ect. We have limited funds. So cost is important

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The first thing is to find out what type of asbestos you have on the roof and then based on that decide if repair it or change the whole lot as some types of asbestos are very dangerous and can cause lung cancer! My advice is to speak to a specialist and act upon report from them!


Answered 4th Dec 2022

If the roof is damaged then it is best to get it removed by a specialist and replaced

asbestos is fine aslong as it's not disturbed or damaged but as soon as its damaged it can release fibres that can be harmful to your health.


Answered 4th Dec 2022

If the roof leaks it would be beneficial for you to get it fixed / replaced asbestos is harmful if inhaled and has to be disposed off buy a qualified waste carrier


Answered 4th Dec 2022

All types of asbestos is dangerous if damaged and should be removed by a specialist company. Best bet is to have the all the asbestos removed, the area below the damaged roof cleaned by the specialist (an ordinary vacuum will just spread the contamination) and a new roof fitted.


Answered 8th Dec 2022

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