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Carpet tiles over existing ceramic tiles

Hi, my utility room has smooth ceramic tiles which are dangerous when wet, and they go all the way into the downstairs toilet. We have no heating in there either and the floor is like walking in an igloo! We need to warm the place up and change the floor but i'm not sure if the tiles are straight on the concrete floor or have been put on some kind of insulation. Money is tight so I need some advice if I can lay carpet tiles straight onto the existing ceramic tiles or would I need some kind of damp proof insulation between them?
I've also looked at maybe removing the existing tiles and starting a fresh. If i do that, do I need to put a layer of insulation down like thermo-foam then put the carpet tiles on top?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Carpet tiles will lay over ceramic tiles but unless you lay a self levelling screed to get rid of the dips in the floor at the tiles joins, you will eventually see these lines through the tiles. the floor shouldn't need a damp proofing membrane but I would recommend that the floor is sufficiently dry before laying carpet tiles. If you want an extra layer of insulation then you might consider having sheet carpet fitted the conventional way with an underlay and gripper rods, this would be better than carpet tiles in terms of warmth also.


Answered 30th May 2014

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