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how much sand/cement do i need to lay a patio of 84 square metres?

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Hi there,

We always lay slabs on 40- 50mm of building sand and cement mix using 4 sand to 1 cement on a type 1 subbase. This is also mixed with water never dry (not good practice) to a smooth consistency so that it just slides off the trowel but not so sloppy that its like soup. When laying like this a tonne of building sand will do 10 m2 and to every tonne of sand you will need 6 cements. so your going to need approx 8 1/2 tonne of building sand and approx 51 standard size bags(25kg) of cement. You will also need a bit for the pointing unless your using a premix pointing mortar easipoint or marshalls etc.

I hope this helps.


Bobby Aylmore


Answered 21st Oct 2012

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