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No hot water from mixer tap

We have a hot and cold mixer tap attached to our kitchen sink which has no hot water coming out. When the hot tap is initially turned on, water flows but as it heats up, the flow slows right down and then completely stops. We have a combi boiler and the hot water flow is fine to all other hot taps in the house. I'm wondering if I'm best to just replace the mixer tap itself or if there is likely to be any internal component in the mixer which needs to be replaced.

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There is good chance your hot tap valve is half shut causing a flow rate too slow for your boiler. Need to change valve.


Answered 26th Nov 2022

on a lot of these taps there are filters in the inlet pipes they may be blocked, also when you open tap water brings loose debris up to filter this stops flow ,then it falls away when tap is turned off ,in this case disconnect services and flush pipework.


Answered 26th Nov 2022

As mentioned above the hot water valve may not be open fully. Try closing the cold water valve with a A flat head screwdriver and when it’s off turn on the hot side. Adjust its valve to make sure it’s open fully. Now turn the cold water valve so it’s open fully. If this haven’t resolved the issue it could also be the filters as mentioned above


Answered 26th Nov 2022

If you have a flexable hose feeding the tap .It may have a kink in it and need straightening out.


Answered 8th Dec 2022

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